Is it a coincidence that these words are so similar?  Do you believe Additives are added to foods just to improve taste, texture or preservation or are they added to keep the buyer Addicted and coming back for more?  What foods have you found that seem irresistible and then you discovered it is this the added ingredients you love and not necessarily the food?  

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Great point you've got here, Roberta!! :) Ugh! Dang food industry is OUT of CONTROL!!!! 

Dr Pepper.... to answer my own post. If I'm tired and weary - oh how I crave one. But the Dr and I are divorced now and hopefully we stay that way.

"Divorced"? LOL! Love the word choice! Good for you, girl! Cravings are soooooo hard to deal with, and soda is an especially hard one for folks to give up! You rock!


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