I'd love some input as to what you all do regarding health insurance....especially if you don't have employer-sponsored options. It can be frustrating to pay the same premiums as everyone else when we know that in the event that illness or injury strikes we would choose natural, holistic and lifestyle changes over most conventional treatments if possible - - but there's no "reward" for that when it comes time to pay the insurance company. LOL!

We currently pay for a plan for the two of us that is a high-deductible "catastrophe" plan (i.e., will cover hospitalizations, emergencies, etc. once our deductible is met for the year), but even those premium prices have been skyrocketing lately.

Neither of us have been to a doctor or taken any prescriptions since converting to a more natural lifestyle back in 2007, so we are definitely not looking to pay for a plan with co-pays for doc visits and/or prescriptions that we would more than likely never use, anyway.

We do realize that physical injuries occur and that there certainly could be some illnesses that could present themselves for which we would seek conventional treatments of some kind (in theory, anyway?), so as of now, we'd prefer to have at least SOME kind of coverage in the event that some sort of accident occurred. So we've been sticking with this high deductible plan (the deductible is currently $2500/each per year, but we're considering switching to a deductible of $5000/each or $10,000/each since the rates have so drastically increased for the plan, and it's hard not to feel like we're just throwing money out the window).

Any thoughts? We'd LOVE to hear how all of YOU handle health insurance coverage. I'm sure many of you choose not to even bother with any coverage at all, and we'd LOVE to hear more from you folks, too!

I've also heard of various types of private health insurance "co-ops"/groups (primarily through church groups I believe?) who join together to share each others health expenses (as they arise) with a collected pool of money to which they all contribute regularly or something like that???? Anyone have more info or any experience with such options? Or any other experiences or opinions to share?

Thanks so much :)

~Christy & Chad Pooschke


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This is what I know right now...as of October 1st you should be able to go online to insurance exchanges via the Affordable Care Act and find something that fits you personally for a price that also fits your pocket book. That is if Nebraska does not fight this to the end. As of January 1st 2014 most if the Affordable Care Act is the law. Yes there will be some changes to start with, like an employer will not be mandated to cover their employees yet. There will be tweaks as some things will not work the way was thought but the bottom line is the exchanges will make insurance "shopping" easier. I have friends that are working on this so if you have more questions let me know and I will see if I can find the answer.

Thanks, Colleen! :)   I was just reading a bunch about that Act and kinda bummed that my "Catastrophe" options will cease to exist from what I can tell. Sigh...Well, I guess we'll just wait and see how the rates/coverage will be in a few months :)

The question of the "co-op" health care that I know about are Christian organizations. You pay an amount each month to a person that has registered medical costs. There may be several that will send their monthly amount to that same person. That bill will be paid thru that means.  AMAC and Christian Brotherhood Newsletter( the name I last knew it by) are the only two I know of like that.  My problem is that their fee is more than my current insurance payment!

I, like you, am healthy, but do need one prescription. That means I need a dr! I want an alternative, naturopath or nutritionally oriented dr.  Those drs do not take insurance of any kind or Medicare! So I am paying insurance, now, to not go to one of my preferred drs!!  Where we lived last year, we had a dr that did take our insurance - it was wonderful!  Can't find any now in the state we now live in.

Thanks Linda! Perhaps someday there will be a perfect solution, eh? :)



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