January 2009 my life CHANGED!! It was brought to my attention that much of what I had been eating was NOT healthy for me! Before January, I was eating food that I had thought was healthy for me. I was making what I thought were “better” choices. Ha, little did I know!! Many of you on this site already know what we mean by real food, so I will not go into too much detail about real food vs. food products. When looking at the ingredient list, if I can’t pronounce it, I do not eat it! I steer clear from preservatives, additives and especially chemicals like aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG). So why would a healthy 23 year-old, who is in fairly good shape, care about food so much and be willing to give up junk food, candy, soda and other easy “fun” snacks?! Well, simple answer is because I want to be a healthy, in good shape, 60 year-old someday, who does not have to rely on meds because I have aches and pains all the time! I am a FIRM believer that you ARE what you EAT! I know that is an old saying but it is SO TRUE!! I was living what I thought to be a normal, “healthy” life! I was a college student at the time and I took naps on a daily basis and I ate ibuprofen like it was candy! Headaches EVERYDAY is normal right!?! NOT!! Ask me the last time I took ibuprofen?! I DON’T remember! P.S Naps are a thing of the past!! If anything, I am bursting at the seams with energy! J

            I was not suffering from any ailments or sicknesses at the time. I was a happy and healthy person. After changing my diet can I tell you how GREAT I feel?! Not only do I NOT have a headache everyday (barely ever…occasional menstrual headache) I have so much ENERGY and I TRULY feel AMAZING!!

After a few months of beginning to change my diet I noticed a burning sensation in my spine (lower area of back by my sciatic nerve). It was very uncomfortable and I figured it hurt because of an old knee injury….that led to back/hip problems and now a spine issue!! I would ice it, heat it and stuff pillows behind my back when I sat. I could NEVER seem to get comfortable!! Once the burning sensation came on there was nothing that eased it and sleeping was very hard to do L Well, I started going to a chiropractor because I knew my knee was still an issue so I wanted to get that fixed sooner than later! Long story short…going to the chiropractor did not relieve my spine of the burning sensation!! So $400 or so dollars later I decided to stop going. My cousin Christy thought that maybe the burning sensation was food-related! I sat long and hard and thought about what I was eating that was not “clean”. I was eating a wheat bread that had mysterious ingredients in it so I cut that out of my diet. Nope! That was not the answer!! What the heck was I eating that was causing this or was it food at all?!?! I racked my brain and the only thing I was eating that could be the culprit was corn tortilla chips!! The CORN OIL in tortilla chips can be problematic and GUESS WHAT?!?! Sure enough it was the chips!! I would eat them every day or every other because guacamole was my new best friend!!! Once I took those out of my diet, I noticed that my spine NO LONGER burned!! I was so excited and relieved to REALIZE what had been the cause!! Who would ever think that corn tortilla chips could cause so much pain?!?! Well, it is not just corn chips, it is many other “unclean” food items but since the only thing I was eating that was not “clean” were the chips, I was lucky enough to figure this out! Two GREAT things came from figuring that out….#1 No burning spine #2 No more money wasted at the chiropractor!! WOOHOO!! I was a pain-free woman J


Below is a list of things that I have seen changes with since I began my REAL FOOD Lifestyle!


Headaches…few and far between compared to everyday and at least   800mg/ibuprofen/daily

Energy Levels…I feel noticeably more alive and awake in the mornings. I have a new found excitement for life. I just feel better all together.

Weight Loss…I have lost 7 pounds with very moderate exercise; meaning some weeks I walk 2-3 times and some weeks 0 times! I have lost inches in my hips and thighs!! I am wearing jeans that I was not able to wear for months! So exciting! I went down a size in my jeans! (keep in mind weight loss was not a goal of mine, believe me…I eat! A LOT!! J J)

NailsI have always had very thin and not the healthiest nails, now they are growing faster than I can trim them, very strong and they have a healthy color and shine. I have also noticed that my toe nails are much healthier. (they use to look yellowish but now I never wear polish and they look great!)

Sick less often… I noticed during this past winter that I was hardly sick with colds or anything and when I did get a cold, it would last no more than 3 days..I believe that is due to raw fruits, veggies and raw honey.


I am so GRATEFUL that I now know what I do about food and that it is so IMPORTANT to CARE about what we are putting into our bodies! Our bodies were made to be HEALTHY, not sick! The human body is an AMAZING thing and when you nourish it with what it needs you will get AMAZING results! I truly believe that! I wish a healthy long life for EVERYONE! When in doubt, look at your diet….it may be the cause of the problems you are having!!

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