I have to credit Dr. Oz for helping me turn the corner to better health. He is the FIRST medical doctor that was able to help me. He simply said, "Food is medicine".

Now that I look back on my childhood (with brains full of new information), something was amiss inside my body. Mom wrote in my baby book, "Kelly runs at top speed and crashes". I ran at top speed because I knew I would run out of gas suddenly. I had unexplainable anemia. I'm sure the doctors believed my mom wasn't feeding me right. They were wrong. My mother was absolutely diligent about keeping sugar at bay. We never kept soda in the house. One of my unique dietary needs is iron - easily digested iron - which I have discovered in mild flavor molasses. This helps me maintain energy.

I grew an inch and a half AFTER graduating high school. When I became pregnant with my first child at age 30, I weighed 105lbs and stood 5'8". Some thought I was anorexic. I never was. I was actually very healthy and do have unusually small bones for my height.

It wasn't until 1995 when my husband and I lost 3 of our parents in 3 consecutive months! This put us under a great deal of stress. My body began reacting with IBS, horrible fatigue, and anxiety. The doctors assured me I was perfectly healthy and sent me to a shrink. I was fine about being shrunk as long as it would help. It did not help.

IBS led to billiary cholic (gut pain that radiated up my back and even into my arms and legs). This led to having my gall bladder removed. I was fine without that organ but still suffered from cholic.

Had a second child and noticed that it seemed whenever I ate "out" I'd react with explosive IBS - sometimes right afterward (no one gets food poisoning THAT frequently!), sometimes the next morning which would not allow me to leave the house. Others began to notice that I sometimes shuffled my feet when walking...ataxia. Did I have MS? Was it Parkinsons? Or a brain tumor? Went off to get shrunk up again. I ordered my life so that there was less stress and more relaxation. This was helpful but did not cure me.

At age 44 I had child #3! I MUST be healthy! I had some pretty high blood pressure in the last two weeks of pregnancy and never threw a clot, never seized, didn't die. (My systollic number was 200).

One day I went through 15 pair of underwear, flushing half the water tower, while my 8 month old climbed all the way down the stairs by herself! It is NO FUN waiting in the chairs in the ER when pure yellow bile is forcing its way through your digestive system. It's perhaps less fun being sent home when the culprit is "not salmonella". I did, however, receive IV fluids for my breastfeeding baby.

I did not have a solid BM for 2 more weeks. It felt like negative criticism when people would say to me, "Why are you walking like that?" (My strange gait was the least of my trouble).

I googled my myriad of seemingly unrelated, unrelenting symptoms: celiac disease. The only pharmaceuticals for this is a gluten free diet. "Food is medicine".

I have been gluten free for 3 years now and have excellent digestion. I am occasionally surprised by an unexpected lack of fatigue! (but do indulge in a midday nap and work to live stress free) 

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Wow, Kelly! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with all of us. What an ordeal you've been through! I'm SO glad that you found the answers you needed. I'm sure your story will help others who happen upon it here, as well. :)

You may also wish to add something more specific to your title (like mention gluten or celiac...and/or IBS, etc.)? Just to help identify your story a bit more for folks browsing through? ;) 



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