Christy & Chad's Square Foot Garden (Update for August 10, 2009)

Cucumbers have ALL been great...the only problem is finding room for all of them in the fridge!!!

Baby carrots have been "snackable" but not very sweet. (Some tasted a bit like soap, if I'm being honest.) Think we should've left them in the ground longer b/c those that we picked later were definitely more tasty!! Barb (a member of this site) suggested that carrots really need a good cold spell before they sweeten up....we'll see with our fall crop, I suppose....

Okay, one ear of corn we picked tonight was almost complete with kernels (the back side looks worse, however). Apparently, corn must be planted in large groups (larger than groups of 5 stalks. LOL!) to maximize pollination b/c it is a self-pollinating crop (bugs don't do you any're at the mercy of the wind). Although, as suggested to me by Barb (one gal whom I'm sure will be famous soon), I did try my hand at hand-pollination (pun intended)....despite my concerns that Chad might consider that an affair (just kidding!). Apparently, I did not do a good enough job b/c most of our ears of corn were missing 30-50% of their kernels. Did you know that each silk on the end of the ear is connected to ONE kernel of corn?!!? And each piece of silk must be pollinated (pollen is located on the tassel at the top of the stalk) in order for that kernel of corn to develop :)

Who cares about corn, though, when you have melons like this growing just feet away from your ill-fated stalks?!?!? This is the largest watermelon we have, so far, but 6 or 7 others are trailing not too far behind....hopefully they'll all turn out good (or at least some of them!). This is our first year growing anything besides bell peppers, basil and tomatoes, so it's quite an adventure...

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Comment by Christy Pooschke (founder) on August 11, 2009 at 7:39am
Glad your corn looks good. Assuming all of these melons grow, we should have extra...did you guys not plant any? Maybe we can work out a trade for some of those taters :)
Comment by Colleen S. on August 10, 2009 at 10:58pm
Don't let Uncle Steve know about this melon or it may disappear. Everything looks great-you have done a great job of sharing and I have enjoyed reading about it. We picked the rest of our corn tonight minus a few small ears we left behind. Most of it looks good.

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