What have you done this past week

to bring you closer to your dreams?


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Before feeling better I didn't really have dreams... I just wanted to get through the day.  I don't feel like that any more and I want to thank Christy for her part in my journey. 

Oh my gosh, I can TOTALLY relate!!! I'm so incredibly happy for you!! Thanks so much for sharing and for your kind words! I'm so glad you're feeling better!! Woohoo!!!

I was asked a while back what my passion was?... I didn't have one. Since I have been feeling better I am full of passion.... mostly regarding helping others find better health.  Last week end I was part of a free car wash where we could meet and greet our neighbors and ask what health concerns they had for our community. Our goal is to create healthy lifestyle events and even do in home visits and cooking if this would be helpful.  Who knows how this will all turn out... it does feel good to do good however. POWER to the PEOPLE!

Way to go! That sounds so great!

I dove in with both feet. Cannot take this pain anymore. Even though I was technically vegan, this site made me realize how much glutamates and additives were still in my food.
I also got flouride out of my water by drinking flouride free bottled water, and put a flouride filter on the shower head (Amazon).
I am using Earthpaste for toothpaste.
Only soap is castille. Coconut or hemp oil are my lotions now. As I can afford will buy safe make up.
Make my own rice milk. I'm still a vegan, Almond milk was shockingly full of additives and I drank tons.
Learning to eat LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies. Last night made my own yummy cookies.
Oh, and exercize. Nothing too strenuous yet. But consistant.
Prayer helps me keep on track. I believe prayer led me to this site.
Hoping 30+ yrs of fibromyalgia will heal.
When I get better...and I will...I will rediscover Art.

Wow! So many changes you are making! I love your dedication

Can't wait to hear/see more about your art interests!!! Cheers to answered prayers! :) Yay!

Something I have done that has made a vast difference regarding my fibromyalgia is cutting out refined sugar and all the code names it goes by... I check all products for added sugars.  It is hidden every where.... and when I decide to have a treat or two.... I can feel it the next day.  I have friends that report the same results.  This has really worked for me.... I am cheering you on sweet friend.  You can do it!

GREAT point, Roberta! And thanks so much for cheering on Doleta, too :) You're so sweet! 

There are so many foods that are inflammatory and cause issues beyond food additives for many people. (sugar, dairy, gluten, etc.). I feel better reducing or eliminating these things most of the time, too. 

Well I put a response here in 2016 and now here we are in 2017 and am I moving closer to my dreams? I do believe I am. I have a showing scheduled for a primo location for a Catering Health Business. I am hoping to bring a 10day eating REAL FOOD experience to local businesses in my community. We ran pilot programs like this last year and they were all a great success so now it is time to raise the bar. Thanks Christy... your little grasshopper REAL FOOD friend is excited.

Wow, Roberta! Look at you GO! That's awesome, and I'm excited to hear more so please do keep us posted!! You must be so incredibly excited! What a cool idea! One step at a time, you'll get there!



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