I've just read Christy's story and was nearly brought to tears on several occasions.  Particularly the part about having ear pain in response in bass frequencies (no one could understand that one!)  I'm compelled to share what I've been through in the hopes that it will give someone else a little boost in their fight against the "mysterious" illnesses caused or exacerbated by processed foods.

Like Christy, I had begun experiencing inexplicable illness symptoms probably as early as my mid-20's (I'm now 45) but it was around 5 years ago that they really started to become debilitating.  I exercised and tried to "eat healthy" but was becoming increasingly plagued by migraines, flu-like symptoms, stomach pains, heart palpitations, acid reflux, ear pain, and a myriad of other symptoms.  The breaking point was pain in the pit of my stomach that wouldn't go away.  

Gastroenterologists (3 different ones) did numerous endoscopies, colonoscopies, an MRI, blood tests, etc that all showed up negative for a host of diseases in the field.  This over the course of years, and meanwhile, I was taking tramadol for the pain.  While it helped me function, I was not fully aware of the withdrawal effects I was soon to experience.  I was also seeing various other doctors for other issues, particularly ENTs and neurologists.  Long story short, no one could pinpoint the source of my problems.

The migraines and stomach pains were the worst parts, but the ear pain (that would seem to flare up in response to loud, bass-y music) was hurting my career as an audio engineer.  Now with young children, my wife and I decided that I would be the primary caregiver and she would bring home the bacon, so to speak.  I also was determined to dig in even harder to get to the bottom of my health issues.

The start of my healing process began when my latest Gastro said I had damaged villi in my stomach lining that was consistent with celiac disease, though blood tests had shown up negative.  Giving up gluten put me on a good path, and eventually my terrible stomach pain subsided.  Other symptoms were actually increasing, however, which was troubling.  I had always had trouble with MSG, but eventually learned about free glutamic acid and realized that much of my gluten-free alternatives were loaded with MSG-like toxins! This latest piece of the puzzle was sadly not realized until perhaps a year or so ago.

I have improved dramatically since the beginning of all of this due to my new (and still evolving) diet.  As I wean myself off food allergens I become increasingly sensitive to the mistakes I make, so this is still a work-in-progress.  I am happy to have recently found a site like this to subscribe to and become part of this community.  There is a lot more to say but I believe this is a solid introduction to my story.  I look forward to learning more about healthy living through this site and it's members.

Thanks for listening!


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Wow, Joe! I'm so sorry to hear about all of the health struggles you've been facing. Thanks so much for sharing here because the more of us who speak out, the more others will happen upon our stories and perhaps discover the same solutions work for themselves! I'm glad you are discovering answers that seem to have you on the healing path now, and I pray that you experience 100% relief soon!
Please reach out if you ever have any questions!

Thanks, Christy!  I am actually feeling quite good at this point except for my chronic ear pain.  Seeing another specialist about it soon but maybe you could shed some more light on this symptom - gone for you totally after changing your diet?  Anything you can share about your experience is appreciated.

Also, I was hoping to find some guidelines about beer/wine/spirits on your shopping cart list...obviously not critical to survival but I'd like to have a drink or two now and again without getting a raging migraine. ;-)


Ahhhhhhh!!!! Sorry it's taken me FOREVER to reply to this comment! I'm soooooooo sorry!!!

Wish I could be of more use, but you may have misread my story about the "ear pain". Loud music would make my pains (all over my body) worse....but I didn't have pains in my ears specifically. But, all of my pains are completely gone now, yes.

Also, I've never been a drinker (just never cared for it), so that's not something I've researched at all. Ugh, sorry to not be of more use on these 2 things....I know with wine, many folks have a sulfite allergy (??) so that may be something to research with regard to the migraines??

Hopefully I'll be more helpful with any future questions you have :)


I did post your alcohol question on our Facebook page, so stay tuned there and hopefully some folks will chime in with some useful info for you in that regard :)

Hi Joe! 

Just checking in to see how things are going for you these days. Any update???


Very kind of you to check in on me, Christy.  Things are good...I've really zero'd in on the foods that I have allergic reactions to (a few more since my last post).  I really feel like I have some true control over my health in this regard.  The ear pain is still a mystery and does flare up from time to time.  I have a doctor I really like, though, and we're working on it.  Overall feeling positive.  Thanks again for all of your help.  Discovering your web site was truly a turning point in all of this.  I hope you and your family are doing great.

Thanks so much for the update. So glad to hear that things are going great for you in so many ways. I pray that you find answers soon for you ear pain, too. 

Hopefully you're already aware that we are closing down this website August 12???? So be sure to copy any recipes, etc. from here that you may wish to keep for the future. 

Because this site is closing, would you be interested in sharing your story (from above) in our "Natural Healing Journeys" collection on our other blog here - https://completelynourished.com/natural-healing-journeys/ ????

Just let me know!!! 

Yes, the hubby and I are doing great, too. Thanks so much :)

Yes, I know you guys are closing shop - thanks for the reminder.  You are very welcome to share my story on your blog...I think that is what you are asking me.  

Yes, that's what I'm asking. Thanks! :)



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