• This shopping guide is intended to help you find the most additive-free versions of the ingredients and products required for my recipes. This guide is not an exhaustive list of every food additive used by the food industry. If you see an ingredient listed on a food label that is not discussed in my guide and you don’t fully understand what the word means, then my recommendation is to leave that item on the shelf! Again, do whatever works best for you!


  • All product recommendations (especially specific brand names and stores) in this guide are subject to change. Always double-check the ingredient labels at the store. Don’t just memorize the brand names mentioned in this guide and mindlessly purchase them because companies do change their formulas/ingredients from time to time. It is far more useful for you to learn the general rules mentioned here about what to look for in the ingredients lists rather than to memorize particular brand names.


  • All store names mentioned in this guide refer to locations in Omaha, NE. Stores in other localities may carry different products. Again, pay attention to the general rules listed here about what to look for - you don't need to live in Omaha to benefit from this guide! Stores that operate multiple locations within Omaha, NE may not carry the mentioned products at every location.


  • I do not receive any compensation from any companies or retail outlets for any products or businesses that I recommend in this guide. My suggestions are well-intended and without bias.


Our "Eating Additive-Free" book teaches you everything you need to know to start shopping for and preparing natural, additive-free foods!

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