Why I Created this Guide

In 2007, I made the startling discovery that food additives were destroying my health.


I had almost given up hope after suffering for years with extreme fatigue, widespread pain, muscle weakness, digestive distress, sleep disturbances, and numerous other symptoms. Daily tasks were unbearable. I was frequently bedridden, and I could no longer fulfill my duties at work. On good days, I felt 90 years old. On bad days, I felt like I should be in the hospital.


After countless doctors’ appointments, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and told I would suffer with pain and fatigue for the rest of my life…

Luckily, I found other answers on my own! I started reading the ingredient labels on every food I purchased, and I stopped eating things that I couldn’t clearly identify as having come from a plant or animal in nature. Within just a few months of eliminating dangerous food additives from my diet (e.g., MSG, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives), all of my symptoms completely resolved! (You can read my entire return-to-health journey here.)


After experiencing such drastic improvements in my own health, I developed a passion for helping others eat more naturally. I created this guide (and website) to share what I have learned through years of studying the food industry and experimenting in my kitchen. I compiled all of this information for you because I know how overwhelming it can feel to get started. I want to equip you with the recipes and shopping tips you need to reduce the amount of food additives in your diet and begin enjoying natural foods!


It breaks my heart to think of how many others out there may be suffering needlessly just as I was. I’ve experienced, firsthand, the misery that can result from eating processed foods. And countless others have reported physiological reactions (e.g., headaches, digestive distress, seizures, heart attacks, etc.) to food additives such as MSG, as well. When I started reading about food additives, I was shocked to discover that MSG was in nearly everything I was eating and drinking - not just in Chinese food! Like many other consumers, I had no clue that it was contributing to my poor health.


Along with information about various other food additives, I have included very detailed information about MSG in this guide to alert you to why it’s dangerous, where it’s hiding (in foods you’d never suspect), and how it can affect your health without you even realizing it! It is my sincerest wish that your transition to an additive-free diet will be as rewarding as mine! Obviously, not everyone will experience the same results as I did. But when you start learning about all of the health problems associated with various food additives, avoiding them in your diet certainly seems worth a try!


Blessings to you on your journey!

                                 Christy Pooschke


Our "Eating Additive-Free" book teaches you everything you need to know to start shopping for and preparing natural, additive-free foods!

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