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What are your dietary, natural health or green living interests and/or restrictions (or, more generally, why are you interested in joining this site)????
I want to meet like-minded people.
Used be fast food/restaurant junkie. Been eating
more natural, no msg, additives for about a month now.
I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over 20 years
and seems like food can affect pain and fatigue.
I want to feel better!
How did you hear about this site?

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At 7:49am on November 2, 2015, Roberta E Robbins said…

Jen… nice to hear from you again and very glad you found your way to Barbara's videos, they are a great resource for lifestyle change and vibrant health.

Here is my story… I have been a very active athletic kind of person for most of my life and about 10-15 years ago I came down with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, headaches, fatigue, flu like symptoms, insomnia, incredible heart burn, unexplained rashes along with joint and muscle pain.  I had gobs of tests preformed and took many medications for relief.  At one time my pain was so extreme I had to go the hospital for some relief.  Like Christy the Doctor's could not explain any of the problems that I was having.

From the beginning of my ailments until last year I tried to exercise, lose weight and increase my health but I was losing ground every day and feeling no better and many times worse.  I felt it would be a matter of time until the stress of feeling so bad would bring on other ailments like diabetes or heart problems. 

Here is when the change happened.  My son and his wife had been faithfully praying for me and they had found Barbara O'Neill's lectures online and they felt very strongly that this could help me.  So my son called me and said mom you really should go to her program in Alabama… I too had been praying for some kind of help… and this seemed to be the answer to my prayers as well.  

So off to the retreat I went… Barbara advised me to stop taking some of my medication and to ween off others. ( I thought … I haven't been able to get through hardly a day without my meds… this is going to be very interesting)  She had us do a juice fast for 3 days.  She kept us very busy with education and a juice every 2 hours and broth in the evening and as much exercise as we could tolerate along with saunas and massage…. and actually the juice removing toxins and bringing pure nutrition into my cells gave me more energy rather quickly.  I had my down moments but I was in 100% and was committed to weather any discomforts… after 3 days we began to eat nutrient dense pure organic food and my body loved it.  Every day I got stronger and stronger…. I think about week #2 I was really excited about the progress I had made… or the better statement for me is "that God made in me through His perfect foods."

I am actually off all my meds now… I walk, play, run and jump because I can and I feel great!  I go to bed and nothing hurts… I survey my body and not an ache or pain can I find. I have never looked back.  I love my life now and I love what the future holds.  This is something I couldn't say when I started this journey. 

People started to ask me what I did that brought such a glowing change to my health and life.  It was then I started to do this program with a few of my friends.  Five people I have personally worked with have been completely transformed by the principles in Barbara's videos. (These people report that on day 10 - 14 they begin to feel markedly better) 

I had tried radical change on my own before but failed many many times… The week long retreat really made the difference for me and gave me the tools to achieve better health. I have a cabin on my property which is presently being rented, but it is my hope that I will soon be able to invite guests to my cabin and do programs with them personally.  Well that's my dream.

I must add that Christy was a big inspiration that headed me in the right direction and I appreciate her web site very much.  I will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done. 

Hoping this response brought you some encouragement.  Love Roberta

At 9:15am on October 29, 2015, Roberta E Robbins said…

Jennifer I have had fibro for 10+ years … I relate to Christy's story so well. When I found her video I felt like Roberta Flack in the song "killing me softly"  It was like she found my letters and read each one out loud.  

I have experienced a miracle turn around in my life.  I eat an organic plant based diet and I very very rarely have a fibro flare and when I do it is very short lived and I recover so quickly.  I avoid all processed food… and it is extremely rare that I eat out.  I have discovered that when I eat out … my ears will ring and I will get rapid heart rate and other out of the blue symptoms that in the past I thought were my normal life…. I now know they are not normal.

I also took about 6-8 meds every day for everything from blood pressure problems, acid reflux, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, headaches plus more.  As I removed these meds I discovered many of my meds helped some but had so many side effects that in the end they hindered my healing instead of helping it.  Healing is out there and I believe you are moving towards it by being very careful with your diet.

I now eat more than I ever did in the past and my weight naturally started dropping off.  If it is a veggie and organic …. I eat it and have learned to love my new lifestyle choice.  I love making a big pot of soup…. and making juices. My husband and family are all on the same plan and they also are feeling great and totally converted. 

I give seminars now and I am on staff again this fall at the Living Springs Retreat Center in Alabama …. visit their site for more info.  Also my basic health practices are rooted in science and the teacher I like the most is Barbara O'Neill and she can be found on youtube…. her videos are long but they changed my life and I stand by them. 

You mentioned low blood sugar… I have discovered that high fiber nutrient dense foods … with no added sugars cause a long sustained burn of energy from meal to meal.  I have seen this produce success with blood sugar level control.  Also the frequent eating schedule that some health professionals suggest seem to confuse digestion and metabolism. Take meals with no snacking between is helpful with this situation.  One more suggestion…. take a good walk after your meal to get the process of digestion, cell nourishment and metabolism started.  I know this sounds quite different than past strategies but I have seen it work … Barbara O'Neill brings this out in her lectures. 

God Bless your journey friend and keep me up to date.  Roberta Robbins

At 5:25pm on September 11, 2015, Christy Pooschke (founder) said…
I will continue praying that you find more relief soon. :)
I feel the same way about fast food, etc. That's great that you no longer crave it! Actually, that is HUGE! It does seem that MSG, etc. really screw up our taste buds, but once they adjust to REAL food again, the other stuff isn't so desirable. :)
At 6:57pm on September 10, 2015, Christy Pooschke (founder) said…

Hi Jennifer!

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! That's awesome news! Sorry to hear of your increased numbness and leg pain symptoms, though. I don't recall anything like that with me, personally, but everyone is so incredibly different and there are so many factors that affect how we it's kinda hard to compare ourselves with others. Sorry I can't be of more help with this question :/

My best, 


At 11:35am on August 21, 2015, Christy Pooschke (founder) said…

...and I'm sorry to hear about your health struggles. I suffered with Fibro for several years, but I can't imagine dealing with chronic pain and fatigue for over 20 years! I pray that you find the relief that you deserve very, very soon!!! 

At 4:45pm on August 16, 2015, Christy Pooschke (founder) said…
Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to Completely Nourished. I'm so glad you found us here! I hope you enjoy our community and find some tasty new recipes, too!
Let me know if you ever have any questions. :)



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