We aren't into "partying"...at all ! But it was my birthday recently, and we had a blast celebrating in our own way!

We had a mellow day here at Mustang Island State Park on the Gulf coast of Texas, and I wouldn't change a thing. 

In the morning, Chad made us some oat flour pancakes (from scratch,of course).

Then we finalized our online shopping to select our very first DSLR camera! I cannot wait for it to arrive!!!!!! Woohoo! I just love photography, so I'm super stoked to upgrade from my iPhone camera - which is how I snapped many of the pics below! (The DSLR camera you see pictured in any of the photos below is one we bought last week here in town, but we've decided to return it in favor of the one we just ordered online...so it's not "technically" ours.)

I bet if I would take the time to actually read the owner's manual, my pics would actually turn out how they should, too! LOL! Oh well, maybe I'll read the manual for the one we actually end up keeping. I tried to read that blasted thing for this camera. Honestly...I did. But it put me to sleep (literally) while we were out fishing the other day! (How kind of Chad to snap a pic of that, huh?)


Then we spent some time in the afternoon relaxing at the beach - gorgeous weather, soft sand in my toes, sun beating on my skin, the sounds of peaceful ocean waves and coastal birds! What more could I ask for?! (Oh, and our newly rediscovered past-time of working on crossword puzzles together.) 

Just before sunset we drove across the highway to the other side of the state park that's situated along the bay. It's a wonderful place to soak in the sunset, and I wanted to try to get some pics of that and some birds (very few of which were to be found unfortunately). But we had a nice time anyway. No one was really around, and it was sooooooooo quiet and peaceful!

Here are some pics from over there...

Then back over to the ocean side of the park for a short walk at dusk. Again, no one was around on this part of the beach...so we enjoyed some quiet time walking along the crashing waves under the moonlight. 

Deep sigh of satisfaction.....

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee!!!!  :)

(Moonlit stroll on the beach...crappy iPhone quality pic! LOL! )

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