About 2 weeks ago I became very interested in being more aware of what I was putting into my body. Now everytime I sit down to eat a meal or pick up a snack or think is this good for me or not. I have had so much fun so far! I thought that in order to eat healthy you had to pay a lot of money and eat food that had no flavor and didn't taste very good.....well lucky for me... I was all wrong!! Eating healthier has been such a great change to my life! I find myself always looking at labels and if it says something that I am not interested in consuming, then I just don't eat it! I am making very good choices in the foods I eat and they taste great too! I enjoy shopping for the fresh fruit and veggies and then I go right home and cut up the food and put it in little snack baggies for the week! I don't remember the last time I ate a pistachio but know I keep them around for a quick on the go snack!

I find that my boyfriend and I spend a lot more time in the kitchen together because it is very enjoyable to cook and prepare the meals and snacks together :)

So many great things are already happening because I am making healthier choices!
You make friends with those who choose to eat like you, you share recipes and ideas with one another. shopping is more enjoyable because I know that what I am buying is GOOD for me! Me and my honey spend more time together! and the #1 thing is that I am already feeling better about myself because of the healthy choices I have been making!

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Comment by Mandy on January 28, 2009 at 12:19am
amen sister!
Comment by Christy Pooschke (founder) on January 27, 2009 at 11:24pm
Good for you. That's awesome that you've changed so much and become so aware in such a short amount of time. And, no, you definitely do NOT have to eat flavorless foods in order to eat healthfully, so I'm glad you've discovered that!! Chad and I find that we spend tons of time together in the kitchen, too. So many people think they don't have time to prepare healthy foods and to eat well, but really you just end up replacing old activities with new ones (e.g., chopping veggies together instead of watching TV on the couch!!). I definitely agree that it's easier to feel better about yourself when you know you're making healthy choices....so many people just focus solely on the number on the scale rather than on feeling good about what they're putting in their mouths....it's really just NOT about deprivation, it's about making good choices. And when you make those good choices, it just becomes a "no brainer" to avoid the biggest evils in the supermarket and to become less focused on superficial outward appearances and more focused on respecting our bodies as the vessels for life that they really are.


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